Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Grace!!

Even though most of this blog has been about the adventure God has given us, we can not forget that this is also about us as a family and today is a very special day in our family. Today we celebrate Grace's 4th birthday. Four years ago today, our lives were blessed with the birth of our first child. I won't get into the details of her birth but I will tell you she was a big girl. (overcooked by 10 days) 10 pounds and 22 inches long. Here are some of the photos of her first year...

Her first Packer outfit..


My favorite picture of Daddy and Grace, both in Arctic Cat gear.

The girl had lots of hair... I just couldn't stop playing with it.

Just hours after she was born....

Today, Grace is a very healthy and active girl. She loves to play horses, dollhouse, checkers, "baby school" and anything outside. She is learning to ride without her training wheels on her bike and can almost go the length of the driveway by herself. She loves preschool and her friends she sees twice a week. She is a great big sister and loves her baby sister (most of the time:). She adores her dad and takes every opportunity to get him involved in wrestling on the living room floor, aka "tickle touture". She is definetly my daughter as it can take her 10 minutes to tell you about one small thing that happened in her day. She loves roller coasters(w/dad), horseback riding(w/mom), water parks(w/ all of us) and carousels(w/Hope). She is quite a kid! She is our hugger and everytime we meet with friends she insists on sending them out with bunches of hugs.
Here are a few of her latest picts....

Look at the smiling girl in the 3rd car with her daddy...

Just like her dad, she loved her Arctic Cat snowmobile.... She was a crazy girl on this machine.

Playing "doll school" with Hope...

At the beach in Florida during our Agape visit...

Grace was the name we chose for her so we could always be reminded on the greatest gift God has ever given us. His grace is the greatest gift of all so we thought naming her Grace would be a constant reminder this gift.

We are in Green Bay for Grace's birthday this year so she will be getting the grand treatment from Gramma Rita and Poppy Dale for her special day. Not to mention extra attention from the aunts, uncles and cousins.

So, all there is left to say is "HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE! WE LOVE YOU!"

Happy Easter!

He is risen indeed!

In His service,

Lynn for the Anderson crew