Thursday, April 5, 2012

April updates, praises and prayer request

March was a very busy month of planning, packing and preparing. Early in March, we decided that it was time for us to make a trip to Haiti as a family to build connections, bring items to the children and investigate new shipping avenues.

Now, the plans are set and our trip is all scheduled. Here is a snapshot of what we will be doing. We will be in Haiti for 6 days at the end of April. We will be staying with two different missionary friends in Port au Prince. One missionary will be taking us to two of their schools to distribute dresses and meet the children. The other missionary will be taking us to the villages near his home/church to share the love of Jesus with the children we meet. We will also meet with the families after church to fellowship with them.
We are very excited about this trip. This trip will be the first time to Haiti for Lynn and the girls. We are eager to visit the country and the people we have a God-given love for. The girls have been working to find stuffed animals, toys and books that they would like to bring for the Haitian children. Their hearts are bursting with joy as they look forward to “blessing” the children as they have been blessed by so many generous people. We are very anxious to get our feet on the ground and see how God is working in Haiti.

As we prepare for this trip, there are many details to consider and Lance has been working diligently to make sure that everything is covered. He is a great planner and leader. Since he has taken several teams in the past, we are confident that he will have everything well planned.
We are preparing to take over 700 items in with us to distribute. It will be a very rewarding experience to see the hard work of the sewing ladies, the tireless work of the ironing teams, and the difficult task of planning/packing come together in a moment of sharing the love of Jesus with the children of Haiti. Please pray for us as we travel.

Update from the past- Many of you that have been reading our newsletters in the past may remember the story of how Lance helped to get an Army truck over to Les Cayes, Haiti for a missionary friend. This month we received pictures of the truck being used in Haiti(see back page) and an open invitation for Lance to come drive it. Unfortunately, we will not get to Les Cayes this time but hopefully on our next trip we will.

Praises and prayer request

Praise God for His provision and guidance. Through divine connections we have processed all 5000 dresses from Atlanta and they are on their way to the children.

Praise the Lord for helping hands who are sewing and ironing for Haiti Care. They are a blessing to us and the children of Haiti.
Please pray for us to hear God’s voice as we lead. We do not want to be one step ahead or one step behind where God wants Haiti Care Mission to be.

Please pray for us as we travel to Haiti at the end of April. Pray for travel mercies, divine health and favor as we travel. Also pray for our hearts to be prepared for the opportunities God brings us.

Please pray for Haiti Care Mission. Pray for God’s protection and provision to continue.

Thank you for your faithful prayers. We appreciate you.