Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February Update


    As we ended the year of 2012, one of our goals was to move as many items as we could from our office into the  hands of Haitian children.  Well, we were able to accomplish this goal through some really neat opportunities.

      One opportunity was through another local mission which has many outreaches in Haiti.  Shepherd’s Lambs, Inc. is a mission run by Audry Volz, a wonderful lady from Englewood, FL.  They have several churches and orphanages in Haiti.  At Christmas time each year, they try to provide a gift for each child in their care and programs.  Then a team travels to Haiti to host several parties during which they give the children a gift.

     Through our relationship with the director of this mission, we were able to partner with them to provide several hundred toys and dresses for the children. It is a privilege to have this relationship with Shepherd’s Lambs, where we can add our efforts with hers to reach more children.

God opened this door for us and we are grateful.  When we talked to Audry this week, she told of how excited the children were to receive their toys and dresses and what a blessing it was to share the love of Jesus with them.

     The second Christmas blessing that Haiti Care Mission was involved in this past Christmas was in the mountains near Les Cayes.  Earlier in the year, we were able to send  over 100 sleeping mats from our Michigan sewing groups to a missionary serving a remote area of Haiti. One day near Christmas, this missionary and his family took the sleeping mats to a local school and distributed them as a Christmas gift in the name of Jesus.  He reports that the mats were very well received and greatly appreciated by the children.  This missionary and the children expressed their deepest thanks to the sewing groups and donors.

     Sharing the love of Jesus is the cornerstone of this ministry, so when we receive opportunities to see that happen we rejoice.  We know God orchestrated both of these opportunities and He is the one directing the mission.  To Him, we are forever grateful.  We are also very grateful for all of the sewing groups who made these items, all of the toy makers that crafted the gifts, and all the donors who helped provide the shipping costs.  Through the efforts of many laborers, many children of Haiti are understanding and experiencing the love of Jesus.

     This year, we expect to see more and more opportunities like this and many children coming to know Jesus.  Thank you for your support.
Prayer requests and Praises

· Please pray for the Lord to continue to lead and direct this ministry. 

· Please pray for comfort for all those in Haiti serving in ministry.  It is not an easy place to live or serve, but we know God supplies all their needs and strengthens them.

· Praise God for all of the opportunities He gives us to share the Gospel both with sewing groups and with the children of Haiti.

· Praise the Lord for His protection, direction and  provision for this mission.

· Praise the Lord for a great visit from our dear friend, Tom Brumbley, who is a wonderful host to us when we are in Haiti.


Thank you for your prayers and support.  We know the importance of prayer and we appreciate your prayer covering over our family and this ministry.

 Pictures from the sleeping mat distribution and toy/dress distribution.


Living victoriously in Christ, Lynn, Lance, Grace and Hope
Haiti Care Mission, Directors