Friday, November 4, 2011

November Updates

November marks the beginning of our new adventure in serving the Lord. In mid-November, Lance will join me (Lynn) at Haiti Care Mission as the Mission Director. This new adventure is an amazing opportunity for us to serve Him in new and exciting ways.
To give you a better idea of how all these changes came about, we will need to go back a few months. In August, Lynn started volunteering with Haiti Care Mission as the Mission Coordinator. The couple who founded Haiti Care Mission needed someone to help with communications and organizational tasks. As the Mission Coordinator, she was able to learn more about Haiti Care and get involved in day to day operations.
Over the course of a month and a half of working for Haiti Care, it became clear that this mission was in need of a full-time leadership team to direct the operations of the mission. It was at that time that God released us from Agape and placed in our hearts the directive to transfer our service completely to Haiti Care Mission.
Lance will serve as the Mission Director and Lynn will be the Mission Coordinator. As the Director, Lance will provide leadership for all aspects of the mission. He will work with everything from budget to logistic/shipping details. Lynn will continue working with the communications aspects of the mission and the coordinating of sewing groups. We feel this is a great opportunity for each of us to use the skills God has given us to make a greater impact in the Kingdom.
With these changes, we are looking forward to more time in Haiti, as we will be traveling to meet with missionaries and deliver items to the children. We are very excited about all of these changes and are eager to get started. Please pray for us as we make this transition. Our heads are full of plans for the mission but we need God to direct our steps so we are keeping in line with His will for Haiti Care Mission

Grace and Hope in their pillowcase dresses.

· Praise the Lord for this new adventure in serving Him.
· Praise God for many divine opportunities to share about Haiti Care Mission. Doors are opening because the Lord is leading the way.
· Praise the Lord for the guidance He gives us. We know that He directs our path.

Prayer Requests:
· Please pray for us as we transition to this new ministry. There is much work to be done and we are eager to tackle each challenge. Pray for wisdom and vision as we move forward.
· Please pray for Haiti Care Mission and its supporters. They have experienced a lot of change lately and we pray they will embrace the vision God has placed in our hearts.

· Please pray for our financial needs to be met. Ask God to speak into the hearts of churches and individuals to join us as we serve Him.

We feel very blessed to have a great prayer covering in our lives. Thank you for lifting us up to the King.

Blessings, Lynn for the Anderson ministry team

You can view the latest edition of the Haiti Care Mission newsletter on the Haiti Care blogspot. Look for the link to click on the right side of the page.