Friday, November 4, 2011

November Updates

November marks the beginning of our new adventure in serving the Lord. In mid-November, Lance will join me (Lynn) at Haiti Care Mission as the Mission Director. This new adventure is an amazing opportunity for us to serve Him in new and exciting ways.
To give you a better idea of how all these changes came about, we will need to go back a few months. In August, Lynn started volunteering with Haiti Care Mission as the Mission Coordinator. The couple who founded Haiti Care Mission needed someone to help with communications and organizational tasks. As the Mission Coordinator, she was able to learn more about Haiti Care and get involved in day to day operations.
Over the course of a month and a half of working for Haiti Care, it became clear that this mission was in need of a full-time leadership team to direct the operations of the mission. It was at that time that God released us from Agape and placed in our hearts the directive to transfer our service completely to Haiti Care Mission.
Lance will serve as the Mission Director and Lynn will be the Mission Coordinator. As the Director, Lance will provide leadership for all aspects of the mission. He will work with everything from budget to logistic/shipping details. Lynn will continue working with the communications aspects of the mission and the coordinating of sewing groups. We feel this is a great opportunity for each of us to use the skills God has given us to make a greater impact in the Kingdom.
With these changes, we are looking forward to more time in Haiti, as we will be traveling to meet with missionaries and deliver items to the children. We are very excited about all of these changes and are eager to get started. Please pray for us as we make this transition. Our heads are full of plans for the mission but we need God to direct our steps so we are keeping in line with His will for Haiti Care Mission

Grace and Hope in their pillowcase dresses.

· Praise the Lord for this new adventure in serving Him.
· Praise God for many divine opportunities to share about Haiti Care Mission. Doors are opening because the Lord is leading the way.
· Praise the Lord for the guidance He gives us. We know that He directs our path.

Prayer Requests:
· Please pray for us as we transition to this new ministry. There is much work to be done and we are eager to tackle each challenge. Pray for wisdom and vision as we move forward.
· Please pray for Haiti Care Mission and its supporters. They have experienced a lot of change lately and we pray they will embrace the vision God has placed in our hearts.

· Please pray for our financial needs to be met. Ask God to speak into the hearts of churches and individuals to join us as we serve Him.

We feel very blessed to have a great prayer covering in our lives. Thank you for lifting us up to the King.

Blessings, Lynn for the Anderson ministry team

You can view the latest edition of the Haiti Care Mission newsletter on the Haiti Care blogspot. Look for the link to click on the right side of the page.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Exciting News from the Anderson Family

Dear Faithful Partners,

"Our steps are made firm by the Lord, when He delights in our ways." Psalm 37:23 NRSV

We would like to begin this letter with a word of gratitude. We wish we could truly express to you the appreciation we have for each of you. Over the past 2 years in ministry, you have prayed for us, supported us and encouraged us. You have shared our burdens and our joys as we serve the Lord. We know that God has blessed us richly with each and every one of you. You have walked this journey into ministry with us and taught us what it means to live with a grateful heart. Our lives are full because of the partnerships we have with you.

The second purpose of this letter is to present to you some changes in the way we serve the Lord. God has been stirring our hearts lately and we feel He is calling us on a new pilgrimage. In order to begin that journey, we feel God has released us from our assignment at Agape Flights. Our last day of service with Agape will be October 28th, 2011.

God has placed before us a new adventure in missions. Over the past month, we have heard God calling us to assume leadership positions at a different mission organization, which serves Haiti. Beginning on November 1st, we will begin our new missions assignment as the leaders of Haiti Care Mission. Lance will be the Mission Director and Lynn will work as Mission Coordinator. The mission will be based out of home and will be under the financial covering of Faith in the Family International. We feel this transition will allow us to combine the experience we have gained over the past two years with the gifts He has placed in us to serve Him in new and exciting ways. More information on Haiti Care Mission can be found in the enclosed brochure and more information about our new positions at Haiti Care Mission will be coming in the November Anderson Edition.

It is our greatest desire to serve the Lord with integrity and honor. We hope you can help us embrace this new adventure by continuing to financially support our ministry. We are asking that you would prayerfully considering continuing your personal support for our family as we transition to ministry with Haiti Care Mission. All the details for accomplishing this change can be found at the end of this letter.

We hope that each of you will keep our family in prayer as we make this transition. We would like to be as transparent as possible with these changes and encourage you to call us if you have any questions. We believe that when God calls you to a new pilgrimage you have two choices; you can listen and trust God with every step or you can turn the other way. We are choosing to trust God and follow this new path. We know that "our steps are made firm by the Lord."
Thank you for all your support and prayers over the past two years. We look forward to partnering with you in the future.

Living Victoriously in Christ,
Lance and Lynn Anderson

Friday, September 2, 2011

September News, Praises and Prayer requests

September 15 marks a very important date for us. Two years ago, our journey of service for God at Agape Flights began.

In the past two years, we have had the very unique opportunity to see God’s hands at work in so many ways. When we needed volunteers to make ORS’s or sort donated items, God provided the right people at the right times. When we needed specialty items for a missionary, we saw God bring exactly what was needed with perfect timing. When we needed strength, we felt God’s hands lift us up. Finally, when we needed encouragement, God has sent a note from a missionary or supporter who spoke just what we needed to hear.

One important way that God has provided for us is through YOU. You are a big reason why we are here. Each of you has had a special part to play in our ministry. You have made financial sacrifices, so we could continue to serve. You have lifted prayers which have brought us peace. You have spoken into our lives and given us encouragement. We feel very blessed through our relationships with YOU; our friends, family and supporters.

Thank you for all you do to continue increasing His kingdom through our work here. May God bless each of you richly as you supply the needs of His people in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas.

Last month started with a time of refilling for us as a family. For the first 2 weeks of August, we took a family trip to Wisconsin for some “rest and relaxation”. We spent our break enjoying family meals, taking the kids to their favorite “Green Bay” sights , and spending quality time together. We were very blessed to have lots of “down time” which we desperately needed.

The demands of the last year have been great. God has been our strength through every challenge, but our bodies and spirits were ready for a time of refilling and refreshing. We are very blessed to have family that allows us to come home and just be ourselves.

Last month also marked the beginning of the new school year at our house. Both girls are enjoying their classes and new friends. They are happy students and love looking for ways to help their teachers. It’s hard to believe that they are both in elementary school, but we feel very blessed to have a great school for them to attend. I (Lynn) will be spending a lot of time in the classroom this year as both a volunteer and substitute teacher. Through the favor of God and the relationships I developed last year with the staff, I have become a part-time teacher at their school. It is a joy to be back in the classroom, and I am grateful for God’s hand in working this out for us.

Finally, on the last Friday of August, we had a very special night at the beach because Grace was baptized. She has been waiting for this day for almost a year. She has a very deep love for God and wanted to tell everyone of her desire to live for Him. The other day after church she told me, “Mom, I really love praising God. I think it is my favorite thing to do.” That statement describes our girl pretty well. She loves God and she loves people. We know God has great plans for her life. We are very proud of both of our girls and feel incredibly honored to be their parents.

Prayer requests
Please pray for the weekly flights. This is the time of year when weather is a big factor. Pray for the protection of the pilots and the airplane.
Please pray for the protection of the missionaries we serve. Pray that all severe weather is steered away from the island of Hispaniola during the hurricane season.
Please pray for us as we continue to press on for Christ. We need peace, strength and wisdom for our daily walk.
Praise the Lord for His provision over the last 2 years. He has met our every need, and we trust He will continue to meet our needs.
Praise God for a time of refilling and refreshing last month.
Praise the Father for the missionaries we serve. We are honored to be partnered with His faithful servants.
We could never thank you enough for all the prayers said on our behalf.

Many, O Lord, are the wonders you have done.

The things you have planned for us, no one can recount to you;

were I to speak and tell of them, they would be too many to declare.

Psalm 40:5

God Bless,
Lynn for the Anderson family

Saturday, July 30, 2011

August praises and prayer requests

Every month at Agape, as we sit back and reflect on the previous month, we are reminded that no two days here are the same and no two month’s duties are alike. This month was filled with a wide variety of tasks and assignments.
Lance wears many “hats” here at Agape. His job title says he is the Director of IT and Logistics. He also has the roles of Facilities Director and Volunteer Coordinator, so each day when he goes to work, he could be fulfilling any number of responsibilities. Within the span of this month, he has been working on the roof with the repairman to fix the leaks, coordinating the distribution of donated goods, supplying the medical missionaries with ORS packets, and shopping for the missionaries.
Quite honestly, the variety is sometimes challenging but it also makes his job enjoyable. When a missionary needed parts for a Bobcat skid loader, Lance was able to research the part and find the needed tools to make the repairs. (If you know Lance, you know that parts and equipment are right up his alley.)
Another job that was custom made for Lance was his assignment to shop for eye clinic equipment on eBay. Most of the internet connections in Haiti are spotty and unreliable so when it comes to shopping on the internet, they will often send their requests to Agape. Most of you know that Lance has extensive experience both selling and buying on eBay, so this job was again the perfect fit.
We feel very blessed that God has given us an assignment here at Agape which includes such a wide variety of tasks and duties.

Here are the prayer requests and praises for this month:
Praise God the calling He has placed in our hearts to serve and work at Agape Flights. He has given us a job where we can see His hands at work every day. We never want to take that for granted.
Praise the Father for the way He cares for His people. When our abilities and resources fall short, He always has enough.
Please pray for the flights and pilots as the storm season approaches. Please pray for clear skies and divine protection over every flight.
Please pray for rest for all of us as we take a short break this month. We need a time of refreshing and refilling of God’s strength. We absolutely love what we do at Agape, but, in order to be a full blessing to others, we need to be replenished and refilled. We hope to find that time of refilling this month.
Please pray for the missionaries we serve. We are constantly praying for protection, provision and abundance in their lives. Please stand in agreement with us for these faithful servants.

Thank you for all the prayers and encouragement. We appreciate every gift of prayer support, financial support and blessings spoken over us. You are a part of Agape Flights through your commitment to support us. Thank you!

Living Victoriously in Christ,
The Anderson ministry team

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mechanic needed for short term trip

Do you have a serve the Lord in Haiti? Do you have experience with small engines, diesel engines or generators? If so, we need you. We have a request from a missionary in Les Cayes, Haiti, for a mechanic. He has several vehicles (autos, bus, Bobcat skid loader) and some equipment in need of attention. The mechanic is needed for a week or two. If you are willing or able, or know someone who is, please let us know and we will give you all the details. This would be a huge blessing to this missionary and the people he served in Haiti.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

July updates and praises

This month at Agape, we were very excited to see God's hands at work for His servants. Last month in the newsletter, nwe noted that a missionary in the Dominican Republic, who Lance met on the trip, was in need of a dental chair. Well, it is with great joy that we can report that a chair was donated to Agape last week via the connections only God can provide.

Early in the month, Lance started to receive phone calls of possible leads, and one of those leads led us to not one chair, but two. Two very nice dental chairs were donated to Agape, by a local dentist, to be distirbuted to missionaries. What an amazing gift from the Lord! I hope we never tire of watching His hands work and seeing the connections He has. We are so grateful for those who read this blog and newsletter and looked for a way to help. These folks, too, were on a mission for God, and through all of us working together, many people will be served for His kingdom through those dental chairs. It is just a thrill to see Him at work and we are grateful to be a small part of it.

In the middle of the month, we received a call from a missionary who was requesting more Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS) packets to help treat the cholera epidemic. In the one and a half weeks since that call, we have made 3,000 ORS packets. We are hoping to make several thousand more. The most exciting part is that we didn't have to look for volunteers at all, God brought people to us that were eager to help. We have had people from age 4 to age 92 working on the ORS, and each one is a blessing to us. We love how God has placed it in the hearts of these folks to help and they are responding to the call.

June was a very exciting month for us at church as well as Agape. One week after the school year ended, we helped present our first Vacation Bible School at New Life Church. It was an exciting week of Bible lessons, crafts, missions, snacks and music. I (Lynn) had the privilege of helping the Children's pastor to prepare the VBS and lead the VBS team. With over 75 children in attendance, the church was buzzing with activity and energy. I don't know of any greater joy than that of watching kids sing their hearts out and dance for the Lord. Grace and Hope were part of the worship team and they gave it their all. We were very proud of them and of the entire team of volunteers who worked the VBS. It took a "village" to make the VBS run smoothly, and gratefully, the Lord provided a "village" of workers. It was an awesome week of worship, fellowship, and teaching, and we were thankful for the chance to be a part of this church outreach.

Well, that should bring you up to date about last month's happenings. We will celebrate Hope's 5th birthday tomorrow. We are very proud of our little girl. She is one energetic and fun loving child. She loves life and she loves the Lord. She asks great questions about God and faith. God has big plans for this girl and we are looking forward to seeing the plans He has for her.

Now, here are the prayer requests and praise......

Praise God for a wonderful week of VBS. We are grateful that God made every detail come together.

Praise the Father for the workers that are helping make the ORS packets. We are so blessed to be surrounded by volunteers who generously give of their time.

Praise the Lord for His protection over our lives. He is our rock and our sheild. We are thankful to have a place of shelter under His mighty wings (Psalm 91).

Please pray for the people of Haiti as the cholera epidemic is back on the rise.

Please pray for us as we work and serve the Lord. Every day the enemy tries to put roadblocks on our path. We need the strength of your prayers to see ways over and around the obstacles. We know our God is greater.

We are grateful for every prayer lifted to the Father and every word of encouragement spoken to us. We appreciate each of you and pray for you daily.

Living victoriously in Christ,

The Anderson ministry team

"I've told you all this so that trusting in me,

you will be unshakable and assured, deeply at peace.
In this godless world you will continue to experience difficulties.
But take heart! I've conquered the world."
John 16:33

Here are some pictures of VBS fun........We are all superstars......

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June updates

Hey Folks,
So sorry this is a week late...the beginning of June was a whirlwind at our place. Among preschool 'good byes' and grade school awards ceremonies, Vacation Bible school planning and helping build the extension at church, we were very busy and lost track of time. So here are the updates, prayer requests and praises for the month....

During the recent trip to the Dominican Republic, Lance was able to meet several missionaries we served through Agape Flights. It was really amazing to see all that is being done for God’s kingdom. We thought that this month we would take a little time to tell you about some of the missionaries we are connected with so you can get a glimpse of their ministries and how they are being served through Agape Flights.

One of the ministries, Lance got to visit was Sharing the Vision (STV) in Santiago, DR. Jim and Teresa White lead this ministry and they served with Agape extensively during the Haiti earthquake relief. They serve as the host couple for STV’s Mission Team House and during earthquake relief, many Agape pilots stayed with the Whites while shuttling loads from the DR to Haiti. The Whites also preach/teach in local churches, plant churches, provide outreaches for the poor, provide medical clinics in remote areas. Currently, they are developing a discipleship training center. It was a great pleasure to meet the Whites and thank them for all they have done to help Agape.

Another ministry that Lance got to visit was Casa Grande deMisiones Internacional (CGCMI). This ministry is located in Santiago and is led by Tim and Trena Johnson. The Johnson’s work is mainly evangelism which takes many forms. They are involved in preaching, teaching, youth and children ministries, church planting and humanitarian aid. Because of some conversations during the picnic, Lance has been helping the Johnsons by connecting them with Tri-County Air in Venice, Fl. Tri-County is assisting them in exploring the set up of a solar power system to help them eliminate the high cost of electricity. The DR is ranked as one of the highest countries for electrical costs, so this system would be a great benefit to them. What a great connection and relationship to be able to help foster. Only God can work like that. Another need that the Johnsons mentioned during the visit was a need for sports uniforms. Within just a few weeks of the trip, Lance and Allen Speers located a university which donated several sets of uniforms for their youth sports ministry. We love watching His divine connections that come together to fill a need in their ministry.

A third ministry that Lance was able to visit was that of Students International(SI) in Jarabacoa. SI’s focus is to bring students and the poor together. They have a cross-cultural approach to bring students to a deeper understanding of how they can help the poor and serve God’s people through their occupations. They work through technology, arts, construction, dental clinics, sports ministries, physical therapy, schools, and many more avenues. Currently, Agape is trying to acquire a dental chair for their new dental clinic they will be opening. (Anyone with leads on a dental chair ready to be donated, let us know.)

These ministries are just a sample of some of the great things being done for Christ in the Dominican Republic . The trip was not just a time of refreshment for the missionaries. It was an opportunity to see that the needs are and strive to find ways to help. We really enjoy being able to see first hand what Agape has been able to do to help and what we can do to help more. We are very grateful to be partnered with all of these amazing servants. Please continue to pray for all the missionaries serving in the DR, Haiti and the Bahamas. They are the feet on the ground in these countries and they are serving with all of their hearts.

Prayer request and praises.

Praise God for ways He builds connections and bridges for us before we know we need them.
Praise the Father for being our provider. We are constantly awed by the ways He takes care of our needs.
Please pray for the people of Haiti. Fear and uncertainty are a constant problem for the people in Haiti. This month some of the tent cities were destroyed by the government, leaving hundreds homeless again. Pray that the body of Christ will help them meet their needs and find a place to start over.
Please pray for the missionaries in the DR, Haiti and the Bahamas. Pray for strength, wisdom and provision as they strive to reach more souls for Christ.
Please pray for us as we serve Him. Please pray for strength, health and favor in every area of our lives.
We are very grateful for every prayer lifted on our behalf. We believe in the power of prayer and we never take for granted the prayer team God has given us. Please know that we are praying favor and blessings for each of you.

Also pray for the people of Haiti as the rains of this week are causing mud slides and horrible living conditions for those in shanties and tents. Please pray for protection of their lives and homes.

I will proclaim the Lord's decree:

He said to me, "You are my son: today I have become your father.

Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance,

the ends of the earth your possession. Psalm 2:7-8

Monday, May 2, 2011

May updates


This month the hangar has been a buzz with lots of planning and preparations as Lance has been very busy planning a trip for 14 staff members to travel to the Dominican Republic to provide a “REST and RELAXATION” picnic for the missionaries we serve. Planning the menu, purchasing the food, setting the agenda and pulling all the pieces together was a challenge but was all worth it to give the missionaries a well deserved break.

Along with the time of fellowship and refreshment, the staff also took time to travel to several missionary sites to see each ministry and look for ways to better serve them. Often, after Lance returns from this type of trip, he will see a donated item come into the hangar and immediately knows someone in the field who could benefit from the item. It is a wonderful way for the staff to see the needs, but also, it is a way to see how what we do in Venice, FL makes an impact across the ocean. By putting faces to the names, we feel a stronger connection to the missionaries and we are propelled to work harder to help them in every way.

Besides the picnic work this month, Lance got to use one of his favorite hobbies at work….designing a mezzanine for extra storage space in the hangar. When we lived in Iowa, he was also planning and drawing out plans for shelving. This month, God used this pastime to help him design a new set of shelves for Agape. Home Depot supplied the materials and a crew of volunteer workers through a community grant program. We really loved seeing the project come together and the thought of an old hobby being used for God was such a highlight. Thank you Lord for using us in so many different ways.

Praises and Prayer requests

Praise God for a safe trip to the Dominican Republic last week. He made every detail come together from the flights to the weather.

Praise the Father for the resurrection of His Son that we celebrated last week. He is risen...He is risen indeed!!! We are so grateful for His sacrificial love for us.

Praise the Lord for the doors He opens for us in our own community.

Please pray for us as we strive to live our faith “out loud” for Christ. Pray we will never miss a chance to bring another soul into the Kingdom.

Please pray for the Agape staff as we prepare to transition to a new Executive Director this month. Pray that change will be an opportunity to stretch our faith and trust God for every detail.

Please pray for Agape members, Jan and Val Gutwien, who lost their 5 year old son in Haiti this month. Brett had a medical condition from birth but that did not stop this family from answering God’s call to serve in Haiti. Please pray for comfort and peace for Brett’s family.

Thank you for your prayers for us. You are a vital part of all God is doing.
Hope you all have a month full of blessings and abundance.
Living victoriously in Christ,
The Andersons

Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.
Jeremiah 32:17

Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Prayer request and Praises

Thank you for stopping by to check out what has been happening this month. It was a busy month as always. Here are a few highlights: This month started with our annual volunteer appreciation lunch and this year we did "FLIP FLOPS" over our volunteers. Once again, I (Lynn) was asked to help plan and prepare our volunteer appreciation event. This year our theme was “At Agape Flights, we do FLIP FLOPS over our volunteers.” and we had a beach BBQ to pay tribute to our hard working volunteers. To truly appreciate what volunteers do for Agape, let me list for you some of the jobs they perform for us. Volunteers...process packages, sort mail, load cargo, wash airplanes, lead weekly chapel services, clean (the condo, kitchen, bathrooms, offices and hangar), pilot the airplanes, mow the lawn, maintain the airplane, complete plumbing jobs, build special projects, make ORS kits, assist in accounting, answer phones, stamp envelopes, fold letters, prepare mailings, make videos, and other jobs as specified. What would we do without them???? Agape could not function the way we do without the many hours that volunteers serve. Many of them serve on a weekly basis. Others with special talents are called in as needed. Either eay, each of them is part of the Body of Christ that is helping the missionaries in the field. Every volunteer hour that is put in is being used to further God’s kingdom in some special way. We are so grateful for our volunteers at Agape. We know that we could not “Serve Christ through serving His missionaries” without their help. We salute our volunteers and thank God for their servant hearts. This month was also marked with the announcement of our new Executive Director. Allen Speer will begin on May 1st. Allen has been the pastor of many churches in the Midwest and will be joining us from his most recent position in Cobden, Illinois. We are very excited to see the vision Allen has for Agape and welcome him and his family to the Agape ministry. Here are our prayer requests and praises for this month:

  • Praise God for our Executive Director at Agape. We are very excited to see the new ideas and challenges that Allen will bring to the ministry.

  • Praise the Father for beautiful weather and day for our volunteer appreciation lunch. God provided a wonderful day to fellowship at the beach and honor those who sere with us.

  • Praise the Lord for a great family vacation over Spring break. We are so thankful for the time of rest and family fun. God knew exactly what we needed and He gave us the rest and recreation we needed.

  • Please pray for us as we face a month with a full schedule of work, church and family obligations. Pray that we will not get too busy to remember to rest in the presence of the Almighty and hear His voice.

  • Please pray for the Agape staff as we prepare to transition to a new Executive Director at the end of the month. Change can be a very stressful time so we pray for patience.

  • Please pray for Agape staff and volunteers who will be traveling to the Dominican Republic at the end of the month for a missionary picnic.

We are grateful for each of you and cherish your faithfulness in praying for us. We pray you have a month of God's blessings and abundance in your lives.

Living victoriously in Christ, Lynn, Lance, Grace and Hope

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Update and Prayer request/Praises

We are always looking forward to what God is working on, and this month was full of new and interesting challenges. In the past few months, we have been focusing on ORS (cholera supplies), normal missionary requests and donated items, but this month was different. This month we received a few extraordinary requests which took us into new territory.

The first request started with a phone call from a friend who had acquired a truck, which the owner would like to donate to a ministry in Haiti. WOW!! A truck….how do we ship a truck???? That was a new one for us so Lance started working on options and plans. The truck was no ordinary truck. It was a 1970 M35 Deuce and a half. This truck was big and heavy, so it was definitely not going on the plane. But through a series of God ordained phone calls and connections, Lance found one of our missionaries who has experience shipping vehicles. He also discovered that this ministry was in need of a vehicle. The next step was to get the truck to their headquarters so it could be shipped to Haiti. Although this may seem like a very easy transaction to make, let me tell you it was no easy feat. Getting the right connections, the proper licensing, and the required phone calls was the key. We know it was God who made all those things happen. Thank the Lord for how He led us down this new path with His guidance.

The second surprising request this month came in the form of an email. An organization called Haiti Care Mission sent an email requesting that we link arms with them to provide dresses, diapers and sleeping mats for Haiti. Their sewing ministry (“threads of love”) makes over 50,000 items each year for Haiti. They have ladies sewing in 48 states and six countries. Their simple request was that we contact our missionaries and offer them free handmade items with free shipping. What a wonderful gift for the children of Haiti! Lance spent a few days sending out the information and gathering the requests. Next, we will wait for the items to arrive in FL and process them so they can be on their way to Haiti. What an awesome provider we serve! His connections are the best. We were just the middle man, He provided the rest.

Another special task this month was to work on donated medical supplies. Caring Partners is another organization which has linked arms with Agape to provide free medical supplies twice a year to the medical missionaries. Shipping to FL is paid by a separate supporter so these supplies arrive in the field for a fraction of the cost of actual product and actual shipping. Lance works to receive and organize the orders so they can be filled and sent. It is truly extraordinary to have all of the costs for these supplies greatly reduced. One of the most exciting parts of our job is watching these groups of people come together to be His hands and feet. Through all His connections, He is providing for the needs of His people.

Needless to say, this month has been busy but it has also been remarkable. It is amazing to see how things work out when God is in it. We may start with our plans for the month, but they rarely ever turn out the way we envisioned. Serving Christ through serving His missionaries, that maybe our mission statement, but truly we never know what that will involve. The best part is that if we stay focused on serving Him, we can trust that He will provide the direction we need to accomplish it.

And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Now to our God and Father be glory forever and ever. Amen.
Phillippians 4:19-20

Prayer requests and praises.....
*Praise God for the connections He has for us. It is hard for us to imagine the network He has and the way He weaves lives together. It is even more amazing when you sit back and watch His connections unfold in your life.
*Praise the Father for His guidance and direction with every new opportunity we face. He always seems to take us by the hand and lead us through new waters.
*Praise the Lord for all the people who have linked arms with Agape to provide for the needs of those in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
*Please pray for us as we desire to serve with excellence. Pray for strength and wisdom to complete what we are being called to do.
*Please pray for the Agape staff as we prepare to transition to a new Executive Director in the next few months.
*Please pray for the missionaries we serve. They need constant refreshing and renewing to serve in these challenging areas.

Thank you for all your faithful prayers and support. We are blessed to have linked arms with each of you, and we pray that your lives are filled to overflowing with God’s abundance.

Here are a few pictures from the field....

The truck that was donated for Haiti.

Recipients of the ORS that were made at Agape. Many lives are being saved through these packets.

Living victoriously in Christ,
The Anderson ministry team

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Updates and Prayer requests

This month Agape Flights presented a dinner celebration to celebrate 30 years of ministry. We held a “gala” event to reminisce about the beginning of Agape, celebrate the successes of Agape, and the cast a vision about the future for Agape. Guest missionaries joined us to share stories of how Agape is helping in the field. We also had time to praise God for the lives that have been touched through Agape Flights.
Here is a short account of how Agape Flights began …..

On October 24, 1980, Agape Flights was incorporated as an independent Christian ministry committed to “Serving Christ through Serving His Missionaries” in Haiti.
Barely three weeks later on November 15, the inaugural flight left the Sarasota-Bradenton Airport, captained by Alan Cayo, and bound for Cap Haitien, Haiti. The first flight served one missionary family but soon the small Cessna 411 delivered emergence supplies and mail to about 25 missionaries each week. (excerpt taken from the “Gala” program)

Keith and Clara Starkey started Agape Flights in their home in Bradenton, FL with a pool table as the mail sorting area and the garage for packages. These two farmers from Ohio had no idea what God was going to do with the ministry He had planted in their hearts. Through the years, God has been faithful to provide for every need of this ministry. God took care of the funding, the planes, the buildings, the people and the leadership. Every detail was directed by the Lord through the years.

Now, thirty years later, God is still in control at Agape Flights. He has allowed Agape to grow and expand, He has hand picked workers for the field, and He has allowed us to accomplish more in the earthquake relief than really seems possible. Today, Agape is serving 325 missionaries in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. Weekly flights carry approximately 3000 pounds of supplies. Lives are touched daily from the supplies delivered through this ministry.

We are truly grateful for the vision and dreams that God put in the Starkey’s hearts. We are thankful to be chosen to serve in this ministry and we are humbled by the response of our supporters to continue to allow us to work in the field. It is awesome to see where this ministry has come from and it is hard to imagine what is to come. God has plans so much bigger than we can imagine. We are grateful that even when we can’t see where God is going, we can trust Him. Thank you for your support of Agape Flights and our calling to serve. Here’s to another 30 years of serving the Lord through serving His missionaries…...

Lance and I with Keith and Clara Starkey, founders of Agape Flights

We also had some time with Rachel and Emma Mills this month. Rachel was one of the moms who we helped fly to Haiti to bring home her daughter Emma. Emma is a very happy and healthy 18 month old. We were so blessed to spend time with them this month and see the precious cargo that was delivered one year ago. Here are a few picts of their fun...

The cholera epidemic is still a concern in Haiti. This month, two new teams from our church worked with us to make another 1500 ORS kits. I love when God brings the workers and we don't have to fret about who we will call to work. HE brings them in with perfect timing every time. We appreciate the ears that hear His voice and respond by coming to help us.

Here are this month's prayer requests and praises..

Praise God for His servants who bless us with their time. This month, we had 2 amazing teams of workers from our church who served alongside us and helped us just when we needed it. We love when we see God’s perfect timing and His provision.
Praise the Father for His protection over our lives from the attacks of the enemy. We are so blessed to have prayer teams covering us in prayer every day. Through those prayers God has given us a hedge of protection on every side. We are grateful to God and we are grateful for our faithful prayer warriors.
Praise the Lord for the provision and guidance of Agape Flights over the past 30 years of ministry.
Please pray the search for an Executive Director at Agape Flights. We are praying that the person God has chosen will clearly hear His voice and answer the call.
Please pray for healing in Haiti as the one year anniversary of the earthquake passed this month. We know there are still many homeless and hopeless. Pray for a touch from God to heal their hearts and their land.
Please pray for end of the Cholera epidemic.
Please pray for our family as we struggle to complete all that God is calling us to do. Pray for strength and wisdom as we listen to His call and respond.

Many thanks to each of you that lifts us to the King. We appreciate you very much and we feel God's hands moving because of your prayers. Please let us know how we can pray for you as well.

Living victoriously in Christ,
Lynn for the Anderson ministry team

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year and January updates

Sorry for the late update this month, we made a short trip to Green Bay for the holidays. It was a great time of family and fun. Thanks Dad for letting us come and taking such good care of us. We are so blessed to have a wonderful tight-knit family. It is always fun to get together.

This month has been another busy season at the hangar. Christmas deliveries, missionary needs and cholera supplies have filled up the loading areas with boxes and packages. Unfortunately, due to the political unrest in Haiti and some mechanical issues with the planes, several flights were delayed or cancelled. Learning to be patient and waiting for the Lord to open the doors has been our lesson.

I’m sure many of you heard on the news about the riots that have been occurring in Haiti due to the election results. The people of Haiti were not satisfied with the outcome of the election so many of the young people took to the streets and caused incredible amounts of damage to government buildings. They started fires in the streets and blocked several main roads in protest. As a result, some of the airports were closed for several days. Flight schedules were quite fluid this month to work through this unrest.

The cholera reports from the field indicate that the problem is still very prevalent. We have cleared our shelves of ORS kits and the production continues. With the help of church friends, family and a local youth group, Lance and I have overseen the production of 7,500 ORS packets. We are hearing very positive results from the missionaries on the ORS and we will continue to make the kits as long as the missionaries request them. We are grateful to have so many helping hands to make the job easier. God has brought amazing workers just as the supplies were getting low. Isn’t that just like God? We love how He works things out for us.
We pray that January will bring increased peace and healing to Haiti.

At the end of December, we had the greatest pleasure of having another family member join us here at Agape to serve. Our niece, Katie, wanted to make a difference and spend some time working on the mission field with us. Katie came over her Christmas break and spent 3 days working at the hangar. She helped make ORS, did some office work and helped with phones. It is awesome that God has plans for our family at Agape too. We can’t tell you the joy and encouragement it brings us to have our family working along side us. Thank you, Katie for your heart to serve and your desire to make a difference. We love you and appreciate all your hard work.
Here are this month's prayer requests and praises....
Praise God for an amazing year of God’s provision and protection. This year has been an extremely eventful year for us and at Agape. Through every storm, the Lord has provided exactly what we needed. Whether it was a cargo plane, a perfectly timed airline ticket or a financial gift, God always came through. It is so incredible to watch Him work and know that whatever comes our way, He has it covered. Praise the Lord for who He is...our provider.

Praise the Father for the provision of a work team of 15 teenagers who helped make ORS kits the day after we ran out. And also for the extra hands of our niece, Katie, who came to help us make more ORS during her Christmas break.

Praise the Lord for the safe return to Haiti for Katelyn (missionary girl who was med. evacuated from Haiti) and her family. We were very blessed to spend time this amazing family and get to know them better.

Please pray for family as we continue to seek to serve Him with all our hearts. Pray for a hedge of protection on every side and for guidance in all we do.

Please pray safe travels for the Agape plane and pilots. Aviation ministry has a great deal of risks but we know God is bigger than any mechanical or political issues.

Please pray for the violence to end in Haiti and for the political unrest to be settled. Haiti needs our prayer through the election process. Also, please continue to pray for an end to the cholera outbreak.

We pray you have a prosperous 2011 and that you may see God at work in your lives. Thanks for all your prayers and support.
Pictures of Katie and the girls making ORS packets and, of course, a trip to the beach. (it was 45 degrees and very windy...not the best of weather for a trip from cold WI, but we made the best of it.)

Living Victoriously in Christ, Lynn for the Anderson ministry team