Monday, January 9, 2012

Looking back and looking ahead

The lessons we have learned in 2011
As 2011 comes to a close, we are awed at God’s faithfulness in our lives. From January to December, we have seen His hands at work in our lives and in the ministry He has called us to. This year has been filled with trials and triumphs, times of great joy and times of sadness, but through it all, God has captured our hearts and drawn us closer to Him. With every trial and every victory, there have been lessons to learn.

Our first lesson of faith this year was our transition from Agape Flights to Haiti Care Mission. We know without a doubt that God has orchestrated every step of this change. His divine timing placed key people in our lives at critical moments. Unexpected visits and unforeseen connections filled us with wisdom and insight. He directed every interaction and every appointment which lead us to know what He was calling us to do. He proved to us once again that He has a plan for us and He is leading the way before we even know where He is calling us.
Our second lesson of faith has been the launching of Haiti Care Mission. When we assumed the leadership of Haiti Care Mission, we were given very little resources and limited information on how things were previously organized. With God’s leading, we are in the process of reorganizing and redefining how the mission operates. When we feel we are inadequate for such a task, God gently reminds us that He is the real director and we are only His servants. He has been giving us insight and wisdom for every step of the way. We are constantly reminded of how God is using our previous contacts and experiences in Haiti to propel this mission forward. The lesson of trusting Him and His ways is one we are reminded of daily.

Our third lesson of faith has been one of trusting God with our health and healing. In mid-December, we experienced our first health crisis. Lance was hospitalized with complications of a bowel obstruction. After corrective surgery, he is recuperating well. Long days in the hospital and separation from our girls have made us dependent on the care of others but God took care of EVERYTHING.

We know God has provided for our every need. We trust God for complete healing of Lance’s body. We have felt His strength when we felt we could not go another minute. He has covered us with a peace that transcends all understanding. And most importantly, He has taken care of our girls.

Loving caregivers have showered the girls with attention and patience. It is really overwhelming when I think about how many times, while I was trying to plan the next day’s activities for the girls that someone would call and offer to take care of them before I even had to ask. Knowing that God coordinated every person and every call brought us unconceivable
peace. We are humbled by the kindness of others and the love of our great God.

Yes, we have learned many lessons this year and we are constantly being stretched to learn more. Even though we may not know why or how things happen, we know God goes before us and is with us. He has never forsaken us or left us. (Deuteronomy 31:8)

We are grateful to that He never stops teaching us and using us. As you step into the New Year, we pray that you will be open to the lessons He has for you. In the midst of trials, joy, and frustrations, He is there. He will never leave your side and He will gently take you through the storms, if you lean on Him.

Prayer requests and praises

Praise God for the faithful supporters of our ministry. We are blessed to have many faithful financial partners who encourage us and allow us to have the best job in the world.

Praise the Lord for His healing promises and the way He is healing Lance’s body.

Praise the Father for the work of many helping hands who are serving with us on the Haiti Care Mission projects. Even though we have just begun, we have volunteers already starting new sewing groups and ironing for the mission.

Please join us as we pray for divine health and protection for our bodies as we serve Him.

Please pray for our financial needs. We had a great response to the transition but we are still behind on our monthly budget.

Please pray for the people of Haiti. While we celebrated Christmas with all the extravagant gifts and spending of the season, they still live with very little. Pray that God would meet all their needs according to His glorious riches.

Thank you for all your faithful prayers. We are blessed through the relationships we have with you.

Blessings, Lynn for the Anderson ministry team