Saturday, July 30, 2011

August praises and prayer requests

Every month at Agape, as we sit back and reflect on the previous month, we are reminded that no two days here are the same and no two month’s duties are alike. This month was filled with a wide variety of tasks and assignments.
Lance wears many “hats” here at Agape. His job title says he is the Director of IT and Logistics. He also has the roles of Facilities Director and Volunteer Coordinator, so each day when he goes to work, he could be fulfilling any number of responsibilities. Within the span of this month, he has been working on the roof with the repairman to fix the leaks, coordinating the distribution of donated goods, supplying the medical missionaries with ORS packets, and shopping for the missionaries.
Quite honestly, the variety is sometimes challenging but it also makes his job enjoyable. When a missionary needed parts for a Bobcat skid loader, Lance was able to research the part and find the needed tools to make the repairs. (If you know Lance, you know that parts and equipment are right up his alley.)
Another job that was custom made for Lance was his assignment to shop for eye clinic equipment on eBay. Most of the internet connections in Haiti are spotty and unreliable so when it comes to shopping on the internet, they will often send their requests to Agape. Most of you know that Lance has extensive experience both selling and buying on eBay, so this job was again the perfect fit.
We feel very blessed that God has given us an assignment here at Agape which includes such a wide variety of tasks and duties.

Here are the prayer requests and praises for this month:
Praise God the calling He has placed in our hearts to serve and work at Agape Flights. He has given us a job where we can see His hands at work every day. We never want to take that for granted.
Praise the Father for the way He cares for His people. When our abilities and resources fall short, He always has enough.
Please pray for the flights and pilots as the storm season approaches. Please pray for clear skies and divine protection over every flight.
Please pray for rest for all of us as we take a short break this month. We need a time of refreshing and refilling of God’s strength. We absolutely love what we do at Agape, but, in order to be a full blessing to others, we need to be replenished and refilled. We hope to find that time of refilling this month.
Please pray for the missionaries we serve. We are constantly praying for protection, provision and abundance in their lives. Please stand in agreement with us for these faithful servants.

Thank you for all the prayers and encouragement. We appreciate every gift of prayer support, financial support and blessings spoken over us. You are a part of Agape Flights through your commitment to support us. Thank you!

Living Victoriously in Christ,
The Anderson ministry team

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mechanic needed for short term trip

Do you have a serve the Lord in Haiti? Do you have experience with small engines, diesel engines or generators? If so, we need you. We have a request from a missionary in Les Cayes, Haiti, for a mechanic. He has several vehicles (autos, bus, Bobcat skid loader) and some equipment in need of attention. The mechanic is needed for a week or two. If you are willing or able, or know someone who is, please let us know and we will give you all the details. This would be a huge blessing to this missionary and the people he served in Haiti.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

July updates and praises

This month at Agape, we were very excited to see God's hands at work for His servants. Last month in the newsletter, nwe noted that a missionary in the Dominican Republic, who Lance met on the trip, was in need of a dental chair. Well, it is with great joy that we can report that a chair was donated to Agape last week via the connections only God can provide.

Early in the month, Lance started to receive phone calls of possible leads, and one of those leads led us to not one chair, but two. Two very nice dental chairs were donated to Agape, by a local dentist, to be distirbuted to missionaries. What an amazing gift from the Lord! I hope we never tire of watching His hands work and seeing the connections He has. We are so grateful for those who read this blog and newsletter and looked for a way to help. These folks, too, were on a mission for God, and through all of us working together, many people will be served for His kingdom through those dental chairs. It is just a thrill to see Him at work and we are grateful to be a small part of it.

In the middle of the month, we received a call from a missionary who was requesting more Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS) packets to help treat the cholera epidemic. In the one and a half weeks since that call, we have made 3,000 ORS packets. We are hoping to make several thousand more. The most exciting part is that we didn't have to look for volunteers at all, God brought people to us that were eager to help. We have had people from age 4 to age 92 working on the ORS, and each one is a blessing to us. We love how God has placed it in the hearts of these folks to help and they are responding to the call.

June was a very exciting month for us at church as well as Agape. One week after the school year ended, we helped present our first Vacation Bible School at New Life Church. It was an exciting week of Bible lessons, crafts, missions, snacks and music. I (Lynn) had the privilege of helping the Children's pastor to prepare the VBS and lead the VBS team. With over 75 children in attendance, the church was buzzing with activity and energy. I don't know of any greater joy than that of watching kids sing their hearts out and dance for the Lord. Grace and Hope were part of the worship team and they gave it their all. We were very proud of them and of the entire team of volunteers who worked the VBS. It took a "village" to make the VBS run smoothly, and gratefully, the Lord provided a "village" of workers. It was an awesome week of worship, fellowship, and teaching, and we were thankful for the chance to be a part of this church outreach.

Well, that should bring you up to date about last month's happenings. We will celebrate Hope's 5th birthday tomorrow. We are very proud of our little girl. She is one energetic and fun loving child. She loves life and she loves the Lord. She asks great questions about God and faith. God has big plans for this girl and we are looking forward to seeing the plans He has for her.

Now, here are the prayer requests and praise......

Praise God for a wonderful week of VBS. We are grateful that God made every detail come together.

Praise the Father for the workers that are helping make the ORS packets. We are so blessed to be surrounded by volunteers who generously give of their time.

Praise the Lord for His protection over our lives. He is our rock and our sheild. We are thankful to have a place of shelter under His mighty wings (Psalm 91).

Please pray for the people of Haiti as the cholera epidemic is back on the rise.

Please pray for us as we work and serve the Lord. Every day the enemy tries to put roadblocks on our path. We need the strength of your prayers to see ways over and around the obstacles. We know our God is greater.

We are grateful for every prayer lifted to the Father and every word of encouragement spoken to us. We appreciate each of you and pray for you daily.

Living victoriously in Christ,

The Anderson ministry team

"I've told you all this so that trusting in me,

you will be unshakable and assured, deeply at peace.
In this godless world you will continue to experience difficulties.
But take heart! I've conquered the world."
John 16:33

Here are some pictures of VBS fun........We are all superstars......