Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year and January updates

Sorry for the late update this month, we made a short trip to Green Bay for the holidays. It was a great time of family and fun. Thanks Dad for letting us come and taking such good care of us. We are so blessed to have a wonderful tight-knit family. It is always fun to get together.

This month has been another busy season at the hangar. Christmas deliveries, missionary needs and cholera supplies have filled up the loading areas with boxes and packages. Unfortunately, due to the political unrest in Haiti and some mechanical issues with the planes, several flights were delayed or cancelled. Learning to be patient and waiting for the Lord to open the doors has been our lesson.

I’m sure many of you heard on the news about the riots that have been occurring in Haiti due to the election results. The people of Haiti were not satisfied with the outcome of the election so many of the young people took to the streets and caused incredible amounts of damage to government buildings. They started fires in the streets and blocked several main roads in protest. As a result, some of the airports were closed for several days. Flight schedules were quite fluid this month to work through this unrest.

The cholera reports from the field indicate that the problem is still very prevalent. We have cleared our shelves of ORS kits and the production continues. With the help of church friends, family and a local youth group, Lance and I have overseen the production of 7,500 ORS packets. We are hearing very positive results from the missionaries on the ORS and we will continue to make the kits as long as the missionaries request them. We are grateful to have so many helping hands to make the job easier. God has brought amazing workers just as the supplies were getting low. Isn’t that just like God? We love how He works things out for us.
We pray that January will bring increased peace and healing to Haiti.

At the end of December, we had the greatest pleasure of having another family member join us here at Agape to serve. Our niece, Katie, wanted to make a difference and spend some time working on the mission field with us. Katie came over her Christmas break and spent 3 days working at the hangar. She helped make ORS, did some office work and helped with phones. It is awesome that God has plans for our family at Agape too. We can’t tell you the joy and encouragement it brings us to have our family working along side us. Thank you, Katie for your heart to serve and your desire to make a difference. We love you and appreciate all your hard work.
Here are this month's prayer requests and praises....
Praise God for an amazing year of God’s provision and protection. This year has been an extremely eventful year for us and at Agape. Through every storm, the Lord has provided exactly what we needed. Whether it was a cargo plane, a perfectly timed airline ticket or a financial gift, God always came through. It is so incredible to watch Him work and know that whatever comes our way, He has it covered. Praise the Lord for who He is...our provider.

Praise the Father for the provision of a work team of 15 teenagers who helped make ORS kits the day after we ran out. And also for the extra hands of our niece, Katie, who came to help us make more ORS during her Christmas break.

Praise the Lord for the safe return to Haiti for Katelyn (missionary girl who was med. evacuated from Haiti) and her family. We were very blessed to spend time this amazing family and get to know them better.

Please pray for family as we continue to seek to serve Him with all our hearts. Pray for a hedge of protection on every side and for guidance in all we do.

Please pray safe travels for the Agape plane and pilots. Aviation ministry has a great deal of risks but we know God is bigger than any mechanical or political issues.

Please pray for the violence to end in Haiti and for the political unrest to be settled. Haiti needs our prayer through the election process. Also, please continue to pray for an end to the cholera outbreak.

We pray you have a prosperous 2011 and that you may see God at work in your lives. Thanks for all your prayers and support.
Pictures of Katie and the girls making ORS packets and, of course, a trip to the beach. (it was 45 degrees and very windy...not the best of weather for a trip from cold WI, but we made the best of it.)

Living Victoriously in Christ, Lynn for the Anderson ministry team