Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Prayer request and Praises

Thank you for stopping by to check out what has been happening this month. It was a busy month as always. Here are a few highlights: This month started with our annual volunteer appreciation lunch and this year we did "FLIP FLOPS" over our volunteers. Once again, I (Lynn) was asked to help plan and prepare our volunteer appreciation event. This year our theme was “At Agape Flights, we do FLIP FLOPS over our volunteers.” and we had a beach BBQ to pay tribute to our hard working volunteers. To truly appreciate what volunteers do for Agape, let me list for you some of the jobs they perform for us. Volunteers...process packages, sort mail, load cargo, wash airplanes, lead weekly chapel services, clean (the condo, kitchen, bathrooms, offices and hangar), pilot the airplanes, mow the lawn, maintain the airplane, complete plumbing jobs, build special projects, make ORS kits, assist in accounting, answer phones, stamp envelopes, fold letters, prepare mailings, make videos, and other jobs as specified. What would we do without them???? Agape could not function the way we do without the many hours that volunteers serve. Many of them serve on a weekly basis. Others with special talents are called in as needed. Either eay, each of them is part of the Body of Christ that is helping the missionaries in the field. Every volunteer hour that is put in is being used to further God’s kingdom in some special way. We are so grateful for our volunteers at Agape. We know that we could not “Serve Christ through serving His missionaries” without their help. We salute our volunteers and thank God for their servant hearts. This month was also marked with the announcement of our new Executive Director. Allen Speer will begin on May 1st. Allen has been the pastor of many churches in the Midwest and will be joining us from his most recent position in Cobden, Illinois. We are very excited to see the vision Allen has for Agape and welcome him and his family to the Agape ministry. Here are our prayer requests and praises for this month:

  • Praise God for our Executive Director at Agape. We are very excited to see the new ideas and challenges that Allen will bring to the ministry.

  • Praise the Father for beautiful weather and day for our volunteer appreciation lunch. God provided a wonderful day to fellowship at the beach and honor those who sere with us.

  • Praise the Lord for a great family vacation over Spring break. We are so thankful for the time of rest and family fun. God knew exactly what we needed and He gave us the rest and recreation we needed.

  • Please pray for us as we face a month with a full schedule of work, church and family obligations. Pray that we will not get too busy to remember to rest in the presence of the Almighty and hear His voice.

  • Please pray for the Agape staff as we prepare to transition to a new Executive Director at the end of the month. Change can be a very stressful time so we pray for patience.

  • Please pray for Agape staff and volunteers who will be traveling to the Dominican Republic at the end of the month for a missionary picnic.

We are grateful for each of you and cherish your faithfulness in praying for us. We pray you have a month of God's blessings and abundance in your lives.

Living victoriously in Christ, Lynn, Lance, Grace and Hope