Thursday, November 11, 2010

November Updates

Welcome to our very busy month as a family and as a ministry!!

We are so sorry to be posting late this month but we have some really good excuses. :) We spent the last weekend of October and the first week/weekend of November on the road for deputation and support raising. Our trip started with a weekend in Springfield, MO speaking at the Altar of Praise church. It was a great blessing to be able to share what God has been doing in our lives and at Agape. Our time at the church and with the pastors, Gary and Liz Drum was very refreshing.

During the second week, we headed to Iowa City, Iowa. It was great to spend a few days with my dad and have some serious Grampa time. We were so blessed to have my dad drive out and play with us. The girls got their fill of hugs and game time with Gramps and we all enjoyed having time to hang out together.

The rest of the week was spend "meeting and greeting" for the Parkview Church Missions conference. We had a variety of meeting and small group presentations as well as a weekend full of activities. It was great to meet so many of the Kingdom workers from Parkview and hear all the stories of how God is working around the globe. The weekend was full but very exciting and rewarding. We were encouraged by so many good friends and supporters. The positive feedback and love we received was amazing.

After a long drive on Monday and Tuesday, we arrived safely home and began the process of getting back to normal. But we know that "normal" is never normal. On Wednesday morning, Agape received reports of the increase in the Cholera outbreak, so plans quickly developed to send a load of medical supplies on Thursday. Lance and the Agape team worked at high speed to gather and obtain 1200 pounds of medical supplies to send to the missionaries. The first flight went on Thursday but more flights will follow based on the information we receive from the missionaries. Please be praying for the people of Haiti. They have been hard pressed on all sides but God is still working in their midst and He is in control at all times.

As for our family prayer requests and praises, here they are....

Praise God for a successful trip to Les Cayes, Haiti, for Lance and the picnic team. The time spent in fellowship with the missionaries was a huge blessing.

Praise the Father for His direction in our lives. Every time our minds start to wonder what we are doing and if we are on the right path, God sends us confirmation and shows us His heart.

Praise the Lord for the provision of extra seats on the return flight from Les Cayes so Katelyn and her mom could be brought to the US for medical treatment.

Please pray for Katelyn and her family. Katelyn is doing much better but we are praying for a quick and complete healing for her. We are also praying for their safe return to Haiti.

Please pray safe travels for our family as we travel to Iowa this month for the Parkview Church missions conference and a speaking engagement at Altar of Praise church. Pray for ears to be open to God’s heart for missions. Also, pray for our efforts to raise the remaining funds needed to continue working for Agape.

Please pray for the staff at Agape to be focused on serving Christ in every word and deed. It is easy to become overwhelmed during this increased workload/holiday season approaching. Pray for all of us to stay focused on glorifying God in all we do.

Please pray for the search for the new executive director of Agape Flights. We need God's guidance to find the person He ordained for the position and not settle for anything but God's divinely appointed person.

Thank you for lifting us up before the King. We appreciate all of your support and prayers. We pray you have a blessed Thanksgiving season.

Living victoriously in Christ, Lynn for the Anderson family

Here is a picture of Lance at the picnic in Les Cayes, Haiti. (More to follow)