Tuesday, July 31, 2012

August Updates and Prayer requests

      To say that we had a blessed trip to the Midwest is almost an understatement.  Our trip to the Midwest was really quite incredible.  We had plans to receive items for Haiti Care Mission.  We had plans to visit with churches and share our vision for Haiti Care Mission. We had plans to update our supporters and share our stories from Haiti, but we were not prepared to be blessed as much as we were.  Everywhere we went, we were showered with love, gifts and blessings. 

     We started the trip with a stop at Harvest International in Ocala, FL.  We have been partnering with Harvest for previous shipments and they were ready to receive more items to ship to Haiti for us.  This is a really great connection for us.  Harvest International has missionaries in Haiti and has been shipping to Haiti for 20 years.  They are a rich resource of information for us as we look at new ways to ship to Haiti for less cost.  We are very blessed through this partnership.

    Our next major stop was in Chicago, IL.  The Macedonia Tabernacle Baptist Church ladies have been sewing for Haiti for 2 years but did not know how they were going to get the items into Haiti.  Then one day, they found Haiti Care Mission on the internet and we became connected.  We were thrilled to be able to stop and meet many members of the church.  They treated us to a great lunch and time of fellowship.  They produced over 500 dresses and collected many other items which we will take to Haiti to distribute.

     We were very happy to spend several days in Wisconsin with family and friends before we moved on to Iowa to speak at several churches. We were eager to share how God is using Haiti Care and where He is taking this ministry.  Each church blessed us with new items for the children and we were very humbled by their gracious reception of us.  We made several new connections and even watched as God made connections within the churches through us. 

     Throughout the trip we had the privilege of seeing many friends, supporters,  and family members.  We were never short of people who treated us to a meal, took us on fun outings, or had a place for us to stay.  We were blessed that every need was met in abundance.  The girls were thrilled with the number of people who took time to talk to them about Haiti or spoil them with a little extra something.   We are grateful for all of those who came out to meet with us and encourage us.  We are honored to be in relationships with people and churches who see God’s vision for the nations and strive to be a part of it. 

     Overall, we traveled for 21 days, covered 4500 miles, spoke at 6 churches, and collected over 3000 new items for the children of Haiti.  That is what we call a BLESSED trip.

Praises and Prayer requests

Praise God for safe travels this last month.  We spent 21 days on the road and we felt His protecting hand.

Praise the Lord for a very successful trip for Haiti Care Mission.  The mission has 3000 more ways to bless the children due to all the hard work that was done for the children of Haiti.  We are grateful for all of these Kingdom workers.

Please pray for us as we press forward to serve the children of Haiti.

Please pray for the people of Haiti.

Please join us in praying for open doors for Haiti Care Mission.  We are always looking for new opportunities and new ways to serve .

Thank you for your faithful prayer support.  We appreciate each pray that is lifted up for us.

Please let us know how we can be praying for you.

Living victoriously in Christ, The Anderson Ministry team

A few pictures from our trip....

The ladies from Macedonia Tabernacle Baptist Church
 The cake at Clear Lake Christian Church for our reception.
 The girls had animals to play with almost everywhere we went.

 Our friends, the Mottingers, treated us to a day on the lake.  What fun!!