Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our Blessed and Productive Trip to Haiti--Thank you God!

   This month has been amazing for us.  We spent the first part of the month preparing our luggage, our itinerary and our hearts for our first family trip to Haiti.  We prayed, packed and planned.  Every moment of preparation paid off as we experienced a very blessed and productive trip.

    From the time we arrived in Port au Prince to the minute we left, we submitted ourselves to God’s plan.  Our main objective of the trip was to bring in Haiti Care Mission items and share the love of Jesus with the children of Haiti, but God had plans to bless us as much as we could  bless others. 

    Our hosts, Rev. Tom and Bev Brumbley and Pastor Lamartine and Patricia Liberus gave us several opportunities to do just what we planned to do. We traveled to 5 churches/schools in their ministries.  It was a huge blessing to distribute the items to the children and tell them that Jesus loves them.  They helped us learn a little Creole and translated for us so we could communicate with the children.  It was wonderful to see the joy on their faces when they received a dress, toy, pair of shorts or candy.  They were very grateful and we shared many smiles.

    During our trip we traveled extensively throughout Port au Prince and surrounding areas.  We went to Ti Goave, Meyer, Fort Parisen, Fort Dieu, Las Cahobas and Fort Jacques.  As we traveled, we saw the beautiful countryside, the in town traffic, the enormous amounts of people, and the devastating poverty.  We feel blessed to have had wonderful hosts who patiently answered all our questions and gave us feedback about our mission and how we can serve more effectively.

     In addition to focusing on Haiti Care distribution, we also were able to help with a few small projects.  We helped to deliver a generator to a brush arbor church.  This will be the first time the church and pastor’s house will have any source of power. Lance loved the opportunity to work with a “man toy”.  He also helped on Saturday to get the construction team started on pouring a floor of the new kitchen at the EWO headquarters school.  Since the earthquake, a small car-port has been the school kitchen and the children have been eating in the classrooms or play yard.

      On Sunday, we traveled to a church in the mountains where Lance had the privilege of sharing from God’s Word.  It was an honor to speak to the church. They are a very faithful group of believers and they have endured so much.  Our prayer is that they will continue to walk in faith and share their hope with others.

    We were very blessed to have our girls travel with us.  Grace and Hope really enjoyed the trip.  They commented quite a lot about how beautiful Haiti is.  They never complained about the living conditions of the people, they did not look down on them and they were never afraid.  They lovingly embraced the chances they had to interact and spend time with the Haitian people.  When we started our trip home, they both agreed that they would like to stay longer and return soon.

  We have much more to share but we will save that for when we are with you personally. 

This month's praises and prayer requests....
Praise God for His protection during our trip.  He watched over us and took very good care of us.
Praise the Lord for the missionaries we stayed with in Haiti.  They taught us so much.  God really blessed us with their friendship and partnership. Please pray for increase in their ministries.
Praise the Lord for clear vision.  He showed us many things while in Haiti that will help us improve Haiti Care Mission.
Please pray for us as we lead Haiti Care.  There is so much to be done.  Pray that we will stay focused on the important things.
Please pray for the people of Haiti.  They are very strong people but they live in extreme poverty. Most of the tents they are living in are worn out. Pray for protection during the rainy season.
Please pray for the missionaries we partner with.  They are serving in a difficult country.  Pray for strength and God’s favor in everything they do.
Thank you for your faithful prayers. Please let us know how we can be praying for you.

Thank you for partnering with us.  
Blessings, The Anderson Ministry team