Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trips, Trips and Trips

     It has been another very busy month for us and for Haiti Care Mission.  God has taken Haiti Care Mission to new places this month and He has also opened more doors.

     The beginning of this month, Lance led a team of eight people to the country of Guatemala.  The team stayed very busy. They went on door to door medical/evangelism visits, they helped lead evening worship services, they worked with the local church members to build a church and they distributed dresses and clothing.  It was a wonderful opportunity for all and a great chance to share the love of Jesus with the children of Guatemala.  Lance said that the children and parents were very grateful for the gifts of love. 

     The end of this month, Lance and Pastor Troy French took another trip, but this time, they went to Haiti.  The purpose of the trip was to complete the electrical work on a cafeteria and preschool at the headquarters of Evangelistic World Outreach in Port au Prince.  The Brumbleys, the directors of EWO, were our hosts for our last trip. We have been greatly influenced by the work they are doing.  Lance felt a very strong call to return to Haiti this fall to help them with this project, and he was very blessed to have the helping hands of Pastor Troy alongside him.  During the trip, the men brought several hundred items into the country, which we will distribute when we return to Haiti this month.

     In between these two trips, we have been very busy making preparations and packing for our family trip. We will be bringing over 1400 items to distribute to the children. Due to the recent storms, we are not sure which areas we will be traveling to but we know we are willing to go wherever God directs us.  Our prayer is that God will lead us to the places where He needs us to go.   The needs of the people of Haiti just became more intense so we pray the timing of our visit will bring hope and comfort to those we can reach.

   Many of you are probably wondering how the country of Haiti has fared from Tropical Storm Sandy. The pictures in the media tell the story.  The storm has caused a lot of damage.  The people in the south were the most affected. There are many who lost their crops (that is, their only source of income and food for their families) and some have lost their homes.  The flooding has caused major problems with travel and getting help to the areas that need it.  The country will be entering another period of rebuilding and repairing.  Please join us in praying for the people of Haiti.  Pray that God will fill them with hope, strength and joy as they face this challenge. 

Praises and Prayer Requests

Praise God for His protection over Lance and the teams as they traveled to Guatemala and Haiti last month.

Praise the Lord for partnerships and connections.  Again, this month God has brought us into new relationships and opportunities with churches and missionaries.

Please pray for the people of Haiti.  Tropical storm/hurricane Sandy has done a lot of damage to the country.  Pray for laborers to help rebuild and strength for the people who have lost everything again.

Please pray with us for a friend and her team that is traveling to Ecuador this month. They will be doing VBS activities and taking HCM items to share with the children.

Please pray for our family as we travel to Haiti for 8 days this month.  We covet your prayers for divine health, protection, and strength; as well as prayers for God directed opportunities.

Please pray for more monthly supporters to join our team.
As always, thank you for your faithful support and prayers.
Be Blessed, Lynn and Lance Anderson and family