Saturday, May 1, 2010

May update and Prayer requests/Praises

Since January 12, 2010, when the earthquake hit, Agape Flights has:
· Made over 160+ flights into Haiti
· Delivered almost 600,000 pounds of donated emergency supplies
· Delivered over 300 backpacks to homeless people of Haiti
As you can see, the stats just keep jumping. The work level at Agape is still running at a fast pace. The needs have changed but the amount of needs has not. There is still so much to do. We have utilized 2 extra warehouses (besides the hangar) since the earthquake. One is now empty but the other is still full of boxes and supplies that need to be delivered. Every day, plans are being made and carried out to move these supplies into the hands of the missionaries. Two more sea containers are on the way to Haiti. Hopefully, they will be released in a timely manner and the 50,000 pounds of supplies in each will be through customs quickly.
We are extremely joyful to report that all of the sea containers in Haiti which were previously sent have been released. All 5 containers were released in one week, which meant over 250,000 pounds of supplies became available to be distributed. The items in these containers varied from food to medical supplies to homemade bunkbeds. The bottom line is that God worked in big ways to get these containers released. Thank you for all your prayers for these containers. God heard them all and He did what only God can do.
Along with planes and containers, backpacks are also a part of the Haiti relief efforts. Over 300 backpacks have been filled with critical living supplies at the Agape hangar. A missionary from Haiti, who was in the US during the quake, suggested that we start a project of filling the backpacks for the homeless. So with many donations, Agape volunteers and church groups have lovingly packed these backpacks. We are receiving great reports from the missionaries that the backpacks are a hit.
We at Agape are committed to the rebuilding and reconstruction efforts of Haiti so although a lot has already been accomplished. We will not stop until every missionary has what they need and are back on their feet. We want to serve them in every way as they minister to the Haitian people.
Thank you to all our prayer warriors who storm the throne for us. We can not thank you enough. Here are this month's praises and prayer requests.

Praise the Lord for the release of the sea containers. Many missionaries are fully stocked now that they have had over 250,000 pounds released in one week. Praise the Lord for overcoming the government obstacles and red tape.
Praise God for the sale of our home in Iowa. He found a better buyer than the first and is releasing us from that burden. He is quite a realtor.
Praise the King for His protection and provisions at Agape Flights. Missionary aviation presents a load of risk but God is constantly providing His protection and blessings on Agape aircraft and personnel.
Praise the Father for strength to keep pressing on. The work load since the earthquake has never really lightened up but our strength has come from the Lord. He gives us the power and energy to complete His mission.
Please pray for us as we face persecution for standing up for the Word. We expected to have trials and we are experiencing a large load of them. Pray for us to have strength to withstand the fire. We also need you to stand in agreement for peace for our oppressors.
Please pray for our Iowa house to close perfectly without any glitches. It will close in the end of June and we are praying for a smooth transition.
Please continue to pray for the staff at Agape. Each team member has dedicated their lives to in serving this ministry. It has been a long year so far and we all need pray for refreshing and renewal. Pray for God’s strength to keep flowing in us.
Please intercede with us to the Father for the people of Haiti. New challenges are being presented to them every day. This month, millions were moved from their “tent cities” to safer ground for the rainy/flooding season. These people are still in desperate need. Pray for their protection, their health and their safety.

We hope you are all enjoying the spring weather. We love you and appreciate you. We could not be here without your support, prayers and encouragement.
Have a great month.
Living victoriously in Christ, Lynn for the Anderson ministry team