Monday, October 1, 2012

Haiti Care Mission update

     This month we decided to combine our family newsletter with the Fall edition of the Haiti Care Mission newsletter.  We hope you enjoy reading about all that is happening.

     Over the past three months, God has been using Haiti Care Mission to pass the message of Jesus’ love to LOTS of children.  As we sat back to reflect over the past few months, we were really amazed to see the number of items that have been received and shipped recently to the children of Haiti and beyond.

     In the July newsletter, we challenged sewing groups to consider making a few new items.  We are very pleased to report that boys shorts, backpacks and large-sized dresses are coming to the mission in large numbers.  Several groups have been working on these items and we are really excited about beginning to distribute these new items.  We already have missionaries who are asking for the items so we know they will be well received.  Thank you to each group that took on the challenge and started working on these new projects. 

     In total, over the past three months, we have received over 4500 items at the mission headquarters.  Over seven hundred backpacks (both hand-made and custom ordered) have been shipped to us, and are now in the hands of Haitian school children. They will be a huge blessing to the students as they start their school year and a daily reminder of God’s love.

     We have also received hundreds of boys shorts, large-sized dresses, sleeping mats and hand made wooden toys.  We are very blessed to have a constant supply of boxes being delivered to our front door.  Every box we receive  ignites our heart because we know that each item holds the opportunity to share the love of Jesus.

     As we looked over the number of items we received, we thought it was also important to report the number of items that have been placed in the hands of children in Haiti and beyond.  Over the past three months, Haiti Care Mission has shipped 4700 items to children all over the world.

     We have been sending items via several different methods. We have reduced shipping costs dramatically as we have been using more efficient methods of delivery.  For example, over 2000  of items have been delivered via sea container with a partner ministry.  Others have been shipped directly to the missionary using Agape Flights, and still others are being delivered by short term missions teams. 

     Lance will be leading three of these trips in the next three months.  One team will be going to Guatemala with 1000 items to share with the children in the villages.  The other two trips will be to Haiti; one in October and one in November.  As a family, we will be together for the November trip.  During that trip, we plan on ministering to children in several churches and schools.  We are really looking forward to the opportunity to personally distribute these items and share Jesus with the children.

     We have also had several other short-term teams take items to the mission field.  They have shared Haiti Care Mission items in Peru,  Costa Rica, and Kenya.  We are very excited about these opportunities to share with children all over the globe.  These tools are so important to sharing the message of hope with children and we embrace these chances to share them with teams who we know will use them to teach the children about Jesus. 

     Thank you to all of our sewing groups who have been faithful in producing these beautiful gifts.  Our prayer is that the seeds you are planting into the lives of the children will produce an abundant harvest in the Kingdom.  We are very blessed to have fellow laborers linking arms with us to reach His children.  

Prayer Requests and Praises

We know that a good prayer covering over a ministry will make a huge difference.  Please join us in praying for these requests:

· Please pray for the Lance and the teams he is leading as well as the Anderson family as they prepare to travel to minister to the children.

· Please pray for people of Haiti as the tropical storm season continues.  Pray God’s hand of protection over them and His help in rebuilding after Hurricane Issac.

· Please pray for the needs of Haiti Care Mission.  Pray the abundance of God will overflow the resources of this ministry.


· Praise God all the hard working and helpful hands that provide items for this ministry.

· Praise Him for all the ways He leads the way for Haiti Care Mission.

 Thank you for all your prayers.

 Living victoriously in Christ, Lynn and Lance Anderson, Mission Directors