Sunday, December 8, 2013

November 2013 trip report

This month we have the joy of reporting to you about a very successful trip last month.  We have just returned from a 9 day trip to Haiti and the only word to really describe the trip is “successful”.

     This trip included new elements for us.  This was the first time we took a team to serve with us.  It was a combination trip between New Life Church of Venice, FL, Evangelistic World Outreach (EWO) of Haiti, and Haiti Care Mission.  It was a great joy to combine the strengths of each of these ministries.

      As you remember from last month, the purpose of the trip was to build a roof for a church, complete office tasks for EWO and to distribute HCM items to the children.  It is very exciting to tell you that all of those purposes were accomplished and MORE. 

     When we arrived on Saturday, the men on the team headed directly to the mountain area of Lake Mirogaine where they spent 5 days.  The first day they participated in a Bible school graduation ceremony for the EWO Bible students.  This was a significant  time as new pastors were being commissioned to go out in their home land and share the Gospel.  The next day, they had the honor of ministering at the church services at a church in Arnoux. 

    Bright and early on Monday morning, they headed to Caiman to begin the construction on the roof.  The initial thought was that the project would take about 3 days to complete, but the men worked very hard and completed the roof in just two days.  This left them with extra time, so they spent one day constructing a roof for a chicken house for the church in Arnoux.  The chicken house will house approximately 1000 chickens and will help produce an income for the church.

     When they arrived back in Port au Prince, we did not hesitate to give them some more odd jobs at the EWO compound and they completed each of them with excellence.  These men really gave 100% in serving.  We are very proud of all that they accomplished.  They truly proved to be the hands and feet of Christ in their work and in the love that they shared with their Haitian coworkers and new friends.

    While the men were out in the countryside, the ladies (both big and small) stayed in Port au Prince.  One of the tasks we completed was office work at the EWO headquarters.  The team was able to assemble 6300 Bible booklets for their chapel program, create visual aids for the teachers and help with organizing supplies at the EWO headquarters.  It was a privilege to be able to complete simple tasks that will enhance the learning of the students and ease some of the work load for the EWO staff.

     Another major portion of the trip was dedicated to doing the work of Haiti Care Mission.  While in Haiti, the ladies had three opportunities to minister to the children and distribute gifts of love.  We visited three schools and met with over 900 students.   In all, HCM supplied over 1500 items for the children.

     At each school, we sang with the kids, shared a Bible lesson with them and gave them a gift to remember how much Jesus loves them.  The students were very grateful and in each class one student came to the front to offer a prayer over us and express their thanks.  It was touching to think about the fact that we went to Haiti to bless them and they were very eager to bless us.  One little girl even went out to the vendor on the street during her recess  and purchased candy sticks to bring to us.  It was extraordinary to see the gratitude that they showed and the love they gave back to us.

     In addition to gifts of backpacks, shorts, cars and dresses, we also distributed hundreds of salvation bracelets.  A salvation bracelet is a witnessing tool that can be used to share the Gospel with a simple illustration of colors.  When we talked to the children about their unsaved friends, they were excited to have a tool that they could use to share the Gospel with their friends.   While we gave the bracelets to the students, I(Lynn) received a revelation of what is going to happen as each one of those students shared with the Gospel with their friends. I can only imagine how many new Christians are getting their names written in the book of life through those bracelets and message they carry.  It was a powerful moment for me.

     We feel very blessed to have had this opportunity to share the Gospel and share the love of Jesus with these precious students, but we know that none of it could have been done without you.  You are the hands and feet of Christ as you make these items and give financially into this ministry.  You may have not been on the ground in Haiti but you were there with us through the many sacrifices you have made.  In essence, you were on this team as well.

     As one of the team members stated, “There is only one word to describe this trip...successful.”  It was  a very successful trip in the number of things that were accomplished but most of all because of the way God used this team to bring His love to Haiti.  We are very grateful for this team and we are very grateful to be able to serve in the country we love….Haiti.  

· Praise the Lord for a successful trip for Haiti Care Mission and our team.  There was a great deal accomplished for His glory.

· Praise the Lord for His provision as items kept coming in up to the day of the trip.   He provided many items in perfect God timing.

· Praise the Father for His divine connections and new relationships.  It is amazing to see how He weaves His children together.

· Please pray for the  people of Haiti.  As Americans gear up for the season of buying and giving gifts, remember the Haitian families that struggle to get by each day.  May they recognize and rely on Jesus as their source.

· Please pray with us for growth in the seeds that were planted during this trip.  We had many opportunities to share the Gospel and teach the Haitian children how to share the Gospel.  Pray that God’s word will go forth and change lives through the people we were able to minister to. For Him be the glory.

     Thank you to each of you that have given deeply into Haiti Care Mission and into this trip, in particular.  Some gave with finances, some gave with materials, and some gave through prayer.  Each of these is of unexplainable worth, but we can testify to the power of those prayers.  The prayers of the faithful pulled us through some difficult circumstances on this trip.  From the bottom our hearts, we say “Thank you” for giving, for creating and for praying.  We appreciate all of you.
To view a full album of photos from the trip, visit our Dropbox account at
Blessings and Merry Christmas,
Lynn and Lance Anderson, Mission Directors Haiti Care Mission



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