Sunday, February 2, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

     It has been a very busy month (or two) for Haiti Care Mission and we are extremely grateful.  For us, “busy” is not a term which means “burden”.  For us, “busy” is a term which means “fruitful”.  God has been working hard for HCM and we are feeling so blessed.

     Since our last trip in November, we have had an active schedule of presenting to groups and making new contacts.  The Lord has brought us many new relationships and connections to HCM through past presentations but mostly through the word of mouth of our current sewing groups and friends.

     Early in January, we had the opportunity to share HCM with the students and staff of Venice Christian School.  We spoke at the weekly chapel services on campus and invited the students to bring in backpacks for Haiti.  We do not have a final count yet on the number of backpacks that they collected but based on the fun and interesting conversations that followed the services, I am convinced there will be an abundant supply.  It was a privilege to be able to share our love for Haiti with our school family.  

     In addition to presenting at the school, we had a very special speaking engagement at our home church, New Life Church in Venice.  In the days following our presentation, we are experiencing a tremendous response from our church family. We can already see how God is going to use this church body to help us to serve the children of Haiti.

     We are very honored every time we can share what God has birthed in our hearts for the country of Haiti, but when we see others take hold of this same vision, we get encouraged even more.  This month produced more dynamic connections but it should suffice to say that God is making connections that we never expected and are extremely grateful for. 

     Another activity that is keeping HCM “busy” this month is the planning for two more trips.  Early in February, Lance and one of our team members from November will be returning to Haiti to complete an electrical project at a countryside church/school.  They will work for several days in Arnoux as well as transport several hundred items to be distributed on our next HCM trip.  We will all travel to Haiti in March to minister to the children.  The exact locations are not yet determined but we know we will be directed by God as to where He wants us to go.

     If you are a sewing group with completed items and you would like us to include them on the next trip, please send the items to Florida as soon as possible.  It takes us a week or two to get everything processed and packed before trip, so please send the items soon. 

     Finally this month, we have been “busy” working through a unique new connection in Haiti. We met Pastor Carlos during our last trip and he has offered to help us explore new avenues of shipping items to Haiti. We are going do a trial shipment with him later this month, and the potential for greater quantities of items is huge.  We are really looking forward to seeing how God uses this new relationship to serve His children.

     We are thankful for this “busy” month and we are praying for many more to follow.

Prayer Requests and Praises

· Praise the Lord for new connections and relationships.  Thank God for new sewing groups which have joined us this year.

· Praise the Lord for opportunities to spread the word and share the vision of Haiti Care Mission this month. 

· Please join us in praying for Lance’s February trip to Haiti.  He will be traveling to complete electrical work at one of the remote churches.  Pray for safe travels and God’s favor every step of the way.

· Please pray for us as we seek God’s plan and pathways for HCM.  We only want to go where He leads.

· Please keep our family in your prayers.  We are currently in a very busy season of ministry and family life.  We are grateful for all of the opportunities and activities but need prayer to make good decisions about commitments of our time.

God bless you for remembering to pray for us.


Dresses for the girls in Western Haiti.
Overlooking Port au Prince with my favorite people
My Haitian sister, Lynda.  Principal of the school in Petionville.
Have a great month. 
Living victoriously in Christ, Lynn and Lance Anderson

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